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50-State Child Care Cost Model

Prenatal to Five Fiscal Strategies developed the 50-state child care cost model to help estimate the true cost of child care in every state. The model includes default data for each state as well as the ability to enter your own data for several variables. In this way, the model offers both simplicity and flexibility - it can generate a simple estimate of the true cost of child care in every state as well as a customized estimate based on user-input data.


Estimates are available for both center-based programs and family child care homes and results are displayed at the program level and at the per child level. Several charts are also generated to graphically illustrate the results. The interactive allows you to download your results as PDF and to compare two scenarios to easily see the impact of different choices. 

50-State Cost Model Methodology

To accompany the model, a technical methodology is available with details of model assumptions and data sources.


Issue Brief

P5FS authored a short issue brief, which details the functionality of the child care cost model and how it can be used by multiple audiences. The issue brief also includes results from sample scenarios in the model. 

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If you have feedback about the child care cost model, thoughts about future enhancements, or questions about the data or functionality, please reach out!

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