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Systems of Care Webinar Series

Supporting the Implementation of Systems of Care: North Carolina

Webinar 2: May 3, 2023

Part two of this three-part webinar series continued to explore core concepts of the system of care approach, drawing on work in North Carolina to explore successful ways to incentivize the approach. Many organizations are realizing the importance of building/partnering with systems in the spaces they work while also trying to ensure that community voice is being integrated into that process.   Megan Squires, who is a Principal Project Manager, in the Public Health Strategy department at Blue Cross North Carolina joined us to talk about their approach to working in communities throughout the state and why they value systems building. 


Additionally we discussed the importance of using a cost approach to building a system of care exploring facets of cost modeling for system change work.

Please click the buttons below to view a copy of the slide deck for this webinar and access the webinar recording. 

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