P5FS is led by Jeanna Capito and Simon Workman.  Jeanna and Simon are nationally recognized experts on prenatal to five fiscal issues and have worked in close partnership for over five years.  In this time, they have conducted comprehensive fiscal analysis projects for Los Angeles County, California and the City and County of San Francisco, California, have developed revenue and expense models for Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico, and have provided technical assistance on prenatal to five fiscal and governance issues for numerous states and communities.

Jeanna and Simon are excited to formalize their partnership with the Prenatal to Five Fiscal Strategies initiative, which seeks to address the broken fiscal and governance structures that exist within the P5 system, with a comprehensive, cross-agency, cross-service approach. This initiative is founded in a set of shared principles that center the needs of children, families, providers, and the workforce and fundamentally re-thinks the current system in order to better tackle issues of equity of funding and access.   

P5FS also benefits from the expertise of several additional consultants that support our work in states and communities.

Jeanna Capito


Jeanna Capito  has been working in the prenatal to five field for nearly 25 years with experience including the management of child care programming, Early Head Start, Head Start, developmentally oriented pediatrics, national home visiting models, and child welfare programming.



Simon Workman  has deep expertise in child care cost modeling and understanding the true cost of early childhood programming. He has conducted research and analysis on a variety of early childhood issues and has provided technical assistance to numerous states and cities.