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Jeanna Capito  has been working in the prenatal to five field for nearly 25 years with experience including the management of child care programming, Early Head Start, Head Start, developmentally oriented pediatrics, national home visiting models, and child welfare programming.   Jeanna has focused on the development of state and local initiatives to increase quality of programs, access by families and capacity of professionals and communities through systems change across social services agencies, education systems, home visiting services, public health programming and healthcare systems. 

 Jeanna's work has involved managing projects including the development of birth to three Early Learning Guidelines, recommending and implementing quality support structures for home visiting, crafting national scale learning communities across Head Start and child care with their respective federal offices, managing comprehensive fiscal analysis and cost modeling projects, and building a technical assistance structure for collaboration building. Jeanna has a strong working knowledge of both state and local systems, including work on policies and recommendations to ensure that systems at each level inform one another and are built in response to the characteristics of each other. 

Jeanna has built cost estimation tools for comprehensive Head Start hub models, home visiting and parenting education systems of care, and early care and education program and infrastructure components and also developed a staffed family child care network model for the U.S. Office of Child Care. Jeanna's consulting includes work building on her expertise in budget creation and management, and ability to build the complementary fiscal, governance and management systems that support collaboration and program implementation.

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